The Arkham Knight is a fictional supervillain appearing in DC Comics media. Created by Rocksteady Studios and DC writer Geoff Johns to serve as the titular villain in the video game Batman: Arkham Knight, the character made his first appearance in the prequel comic book Batman: Arkham Knight #1 (February . Written by Sefton Hill, Ian Ball and Martin Lancaster, Arkham Knight is inspired by the long-running comic book mythos. Set one year after the events of 's. Series: BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT U.S. Price: On Sale Date: Mar 11 Volume/Issue #. 1. Color/B&W: Color. Trim Size: Comic. Page Count.

Arkham Knight Comic Book

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Collecting the first four issues of the new series that's an in-continuity prequel comic set prior to the events of the brand-new video game Batman: Arkham Knight!. Back to Comics Contents: Comics B: Batman: Arkham Knight Vol 1. Batman: Arkham Knight (Volume 1) was a limited series, published by DC Comics. The Batman: Arkham Knight comic book is a weekly comic that tied-in and acted as a prequel to the Batman: Arkham Knight video game. It takes place in the.

Arkham Knight. The villain who calls himself the Arkham Knight may have started as a video game villain, but he's officially made the leap to comics.

Arkham video game trilogy don't need to be told why the Arkham Knight became a memorable villain. Introduced as a twisted, lethal reflection of Batman--with all of his training, tactics, and even knowledge of his personal life--the masked madman soon took over the game's marketing.

The new comic book Arkham Knight makes just as effective an impact After fans flip their way through throwback tales, moody thought pieces, and even the true origin of Batman's chest symbol , they end the adventure with a heck of a cliffhanger.

It's writer Peter J.

Tomasi and artist Dough Mahnke who drop the bombshell ending, debuting the new Arkham Knight stalking Batman from afar Even though there is only the above splash page to introduce the Arkham Knight, the differences jump out immediately. But in this case, the approaching villain appears to be taking the title of "knight" in a more literal sense, outfitted with hulking armor and even a massive sword.

While the first conclusion arrived at by fans of the game is that this Arkham Knight is Jason Todd, as it was in the video game, that's not so in the comics. The video game half-concealed Jason's tragic journey from Robin to Red Hood by substituting the Arkham Knight identity and keeping much of the other origin details intact.

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See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. However, Batman noted that Jason still possessed violent tendencies even as Robin, and feared one day that he would be bringing him in as a criminal.

However, despite this, Jason still remained loyal enough to not break Batman's code. After being tortured by Joker for over a year, Jason began to break, his mental stability worsening over time, as he initially believed that Batman would come save him before realizing that Batman had another Robin, angering him to the point that he began to hate him.

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As the Arkham Knight, Jason is vengeful but patient and calculating as well. While he had the chance to kill Batman, he also decided not to, after discovering Joker's diary. In addition, the Arkham Knight never seemed to have revealed Batman's identity to his army or Scarecrow, indicating a level of reluctant respect, despite his hatred.

He also had no desire to hurt Barbara and Alfred, with the two seemingly being the two people he ever cared about. Always defending the weak and the helpless.

That's what I like about you. And that's why we're gonna win. We know your move before you do.

We know how you think! As Albert Feliu stated in an interview, "He thinks he's better, badder and definitely cooler than the Batman himself". The high tech militaristic battle suit that he wears further enhances his physical strength, speed, and durability.

When Batman was ambushed by the Arkham Knight, the latter was able to knock the Dark Knight off his feet with one cobra punch. Suit and equipment[ edit ] The Arkham Knight dons a militaristic version of the Batsuit aimed to mock Batman's appearance. Many components of his suit have a significant purpose.January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The main plots revolve around Bruce Wayne 's Gotham Reborn project - an attempt to rebuild Arkham City and reintegrate it with the rest of Gotham; James Gordon 's mayoral campaign; and the Arkham Knight 's long laid-out plans beginning to come to fruition.

Gamesradar also took note that the torture scenes and Red Hood DLC made it easier to predict the twist. Batman and Gordon confront Scarecrow on the building's roof, where Oracle is revealed to be alive, and her suicide the result of a hallucination.

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