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NEMApdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. NEMA. Number. Intended use and description. 1. Indoor use primarily to provide a degree son of NEMA Enclosures for Electrical Equipment ( Volts. NEMA Standards Publication Enclosures for Electrical Equipment ( Volts Maximum) Published by: National Electrical.


An annealed coating shall comply with 3. The acceptability of the paint may be determined by consideration of its composition or by corrosion tests if these are considered necessary.

Zinc Coating other than Galvanized A zinc coating, other than that provided on hot- dipped mill-galvanized sheet steel, uniformly applied to an average thickness of not less than 0.

Simple sheared or cut edges and punched holes are not required to be additionally protected. Cast Iron An enclosure of cast iron or malleable iron at least 3. The acceptability of the paint may be determined by consideration of its composition or, if necessary, by the corrosion tests specified in 5.

Enclosures and externally attached parts manufactured with Type stainless steel or polymerics comply with 5. Such openings shall comply with the performance requirements in this standard and with the requirements in the appropriate end product standard when the intended equipment is installed. See 4. Drainage openings shall not be less than 3.

NEMA enclosure types

For Type 2, 3R, and 3RX enclosures that also meet the requirements of other enclosure types, the drainage openings shall be closed by a removable plug.

The enclosure shall meet the requirements of the other enclosure types with the plug installed.

Enclosures of Types 3, 3X, 3S, 3SX, 4, or 4X may have provision for drainage if the drainage means have been evaluated and meets the requirements of the applicable tests for the environmental rating s of the enclosure. Exception: The mounting means may pass through the enclosure wall into the equipment cavity if it attaches to an intermediate bracket or foot. The bracket or foot shall then rely on separate mounting hardware to attach it to the building wall.


The mounting means shall not have the same mounting hardware both pass through the equipment cavity and attach directly to the building wall. The mounting means may be provided as a kit if the kit includes all necessary hardware to maintain the environmental rating and the marking or instructions are included with the enclosure referencing this kit.

An enclosure provided without conduit hubs shall be marked in accordance with 4. When knockouts are provided, dimensions should be as shown in Table Knockouts shall meet the appropriate design tests for the enclosure type in which they are provided.

External operating mechanisms on Type 3S and 3SX enclosures shall support the additional weight of ice and shall withstand the removal of ice by a hand tool. See 5. Gaskets provided for Types 12, 12K, and 13 enclosures shall be oil resistant and shall comply with the Oil Immersion Test in 5.

NEMA 250.pdf

A gasket shall be secured with adhesive or by mechanical means. The gasket and its securing means shall not be damaged when the gasketed joint is opened.

Glass used for an opening not more than mm 4 in in any dimension shall not be less than 1.

Glass used for an opening having no dimension greater than mm 12 in shall be not less than 2. Glass used to cover a larger opening shall have the necessary mechanical strength and shall otherwise be acceptable for the purpose.

When considering sharp edges and points, all stages of the installation process must be considered. Exception No. See Section 2 and Table and Table Enclosures that meet the requirements for more than one type enclosure may be designated by a combination of type numbers, the smaller number being given first.

These are relative terms for reference purposes only and do not imply enclosure capabilities. The enclosure should also provide protection against damage due to external ice formation.

The 3R specification excludes windblown dust protection, while the Type 3S specification requires the addition of external mechanisms that remain operable when coated in ice. Type 4 enclosures must meet Type 3 requirements but provide extra water protection so that the enclosure can operate safely in a hose-directed water stream.

Type 3SX indicates a corrosion resistance requirement. The NEMA Type 6 and 6P ratings require enclosures to conform to Type 4 specifications but include additional measures to allow for safe temporary 6 or permanent 6P submersion in water.

NEMA Ratings for Hazardous Locations Locations with significant fire or explosion risk are classified as hazardous and enclosures for application in such areas require additional safety measures.

NEMA provides three standards for enclosures meant for hazardous locations: Types 7, 8 and 9. Conformance to these NEMA ratings requires third party inspection unlike in non-hazardous environments.

These ratings are for so-called Class I, Division 1 hazardous areas where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases may be present all or some of the time under normal operating conditions.

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The Type 9 rating requires the enclosure to provide protection against dust ignition and provides specifications for safe use in Class II, Division 1 environments where ignitable concentrations of combustible dust may be present all or some of the time.

His research encompasses various aspects of fluid dynamics and heat transfer with a strong emphasis on industrial heat exchangers.Two examples illustrate this point: Example 1: An enclosure meets all the requirements for a NEMA Type 4X rating and can be marked by an appropriate label.

Design depends on specified conditions of pressure and time; submersible in water or oil; used in quarries, mines, and manholes. The internal air pressure of the enclosure shall be raised to 40 kPa 6 psig and the check valve closed.

Rosa Edith Rada Alprecht. Type 7.