DOWNLOAD EPUB The Magic Engineer (Saga of Recluce, Book 3) · Read more L. E. Modesitt - Recluce 10 - The Magic of Recluce · Read more. Saga of Recluce has 62 entries in the series. Recluce (Series). L. E. Modesitt, Jr. Author Kirby Heyborne Narrator (). cover image of The Magic of Recluce . Best site ePUB or Tablet ng fantasy novels set in the magical world of enhance the reading experience Rich in detail, the Saga of Recluce is.

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I think a epub book price should be @ max assuming you don't get a I'd be downloading them again right now if book 1 of saga of recluse in digital . Recluce, with second-hand hardcover copy of The Magic of Recluce. With The Magic of Recluce, L.E. Modesitt made his impressive hardcover debut, breaking out in wide scope and grand scale with a novel in the great tradition of. This discounted ebundle includes: Towers of Sunset, The White Order, The Magic Engineer, Colors of Chaos A world of warring magical forces: black order, .

The Mongrel Mage Saga of Recluce.. Modesitt Jr. The Saga of Recluce chronicles the. Download options: EPUB The Saga of Cut back chronicles the historical past of this world via nineteen books, L. Download Ebook Recluce Tales: Are you sure you want to change your username?

Changing your username will break existing story embeds, meaning older stories embedded on other Web sites will no.. Find Information Now.. Download Free eBook: Wellspring of Chaos Saga of Recluce.

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June May April And you as an author should get the chunk of that price. While I agree with your idea that downloading a book in print form should entitle the downloadr to a reduced price for an ebook of the same novel, there is a misconception that producing a book in ebook format is hugely cheaper.

This is rather hard to explain, in order to print a book it must first be typeset digitally. A teenager could convert that file in about 15 minutes to convert that file into the electronic formats needed for major sites including site and Barnes and Noble, within a couple hours the book can be published as quickly.

From there an unlimited number of copies can be sold for a fraction of a penny per copy. Look at the trend of self-production in music and movies. Between word of mouth and reviews on sites like goodreads new and small authors get heard of.

Even a dollar would be nothing but gravy at this point. Here is a tip, in the digital world, everyone wants a copy of literally anything and everything.

People would pirate them and it would only make more people familiar with your work. To be honest i never really thought about that point you made, i mostly excused pirating ebooks because as you said most people believe they are far to expensive. I will think twice about such things however and make sure to support those that are worth the extra cost. And I do intend to download physical versions of all other books you write in this series. But I strongly disagree with some of your views here….

The costs involved in a physical book and not in a digital book are not just about the paper. Distribution and storage, for instance, are much more expensive for physical goods than for digital goods. Handling returns is more expensive as well. Keeping a chain of book stores with their rent and employees and all their costs is way more expensive than keeping an online store particularly if the online store sells only digital goods.

Has anyone shown that yet? I have actually looked for it in the past and all I used to find is stuff that supports the fact that publishers are actually earning more per book from e-books than from books in physical media by keeping the prices up artificially, like this breakdown here from sci-fi author David Derrico: And this perception is certainly helped by the fact that we have seen the industry go through a similar period of complaining, doom crying and trying to keep prices artifically up back when cheaper paperback books were becoming a thing, and yet after many decades we have tons of cheap paperbacks, more writers and more readers.

Actually, often once-pirates become new downloaders when they find something they really like through piracy and then start downloading it…. And I sure pirated a lot of expensive videogames back in my young and a broke student days, and later I went back to those game series I had enjoyed in pirated versions kept downloading them, and I still download them up to this day, decades later I also bought legal copies of many of the games I had already finished as pirate versions, just because.

The Magic of Recluce

Finally, there are quite a few examples of companies that are making a nice profit and rewarding authors properly by selling digital goods with a business model that costs their clients much, much less than physical goods… Take for instance Steam for videogames or Netflix for movies and series. I have actually bought e-books before, in a book bundle I bought mostly for a Mercedes Lackey book in it, but that was different, of course.

I am curious… I would happily download Madness in Solidar at the paperback price… if I could get it on my nook. My comments have no summary… just an observation. The existence of the used book store and library is not really much different than piracy, when you look at them on their face, and there is no proof that piracy of books or movies, music, etc.

I know.

For a fact. For an ebook? None of that. At all. Your overhead is what your contract promised the author, the editors and publishers, and keeping the lights on.

As economics have proven time and again, the market will only bear what it will bear, and short of that, it will find another means.

Maybe your margin might be a little slimmer, but the extra sales at a more reasonable and affordable price point that might just have turned to piracy otherwise will surely make up the difference, and probably then some.

Besides, you can also view it this way: These people are usually truly dedicated to piracy, regardless of their economic status, and rarely likely to generate sales. The same people who sneak into movie theaters and sporting events. Those who are curious and interested, but put off by the cost of the ebook being nearly the same as the physical copy.

These are the people who may, out of curiosity, find one of your books as an easily obtained ebook — no differently than they might at a library — and discover your works for the first time, and go on to become a fan, whereupon they are likely to start downloading physical books, or legit ebooks, or at least start evangelizing for you. These people are like radio listeners and people who use their local library regularly.

Not readily, anyway, outside the DRM controls placed on a file or device. I can either make pirate copies for my friends, or I have to loan them my ereader? Was that piracy? These are the people who have very likely already downloadd physical copies, but want to be able to read the story, perhaps on the go, perhaps without damaging a hard cover or first edition, but for whatever, without the physical copy, and cannot justify paying as much or more for an ebook.

Saga of Recluce: Books 10-13

Take me, for example: I have one my favorite of your books as a physical copy, buried somewhere in a box from my last move. But not only do I not want to dig through all those boxes my issue, yes, I get it , but I also want the convenience of being able to read it on my Nook.

Given that the entire focus of book publishing remains on the print run, and that publishers calculate and plan for the majority of their sales coming from print editions, viewing ebooks as a secondary necessary evil, the cost of the ebook editions is functionally zero: There is no extra cost besides hosting it somewhere, and the cut the online merchant takes of the sale price.

Want proof? The scads of free ebooks available at the Baen Bar. Eric Flint. David Weber. I read in print as a second-hand paid-more-for-shipping-than-I-did-for-the-book copy.

Found the Baen bar. Read the next book for free as epub from there.

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Then went and bought physical copies of , , and several others. And what does it cost Baen, weber, and Flint? Website hosting. Rather than fight it — which has never once in all of human history worked: HDD space is approx. Especially for books that have long since finished their initial print runs, and for which the majority of copies are in private hands, libraries, etc.?Detcord says: site Store.

Download Free eBook: Download options: Distribution and storage, for instance, are much more expensive for physical goods than for digital goods. The Saga of Recluce 19 7. Older comments. This is the title of your first post.

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