PDF-XChange PRO bundle consistently offers the smallest files, fastest and most reliable PDF Click the thumbnails below to view full-size screenshots. The licensed PDF-XChange Viewer 'PRO', is a PDF creator in it's own right, allowing Full JavaScript Engine included; Store/Restore of last opened files ( last. Download PDF-XChange Editor Full Version. PDF-XChange Editor Plus: is a awesome tool for the PDF users, it is used to import & export all kinds of formats. PDF-XChange Editor pro is an advanced PDF editor and viewer with OCR functionality that allows you to create, view, edit.

Pdf Xchange Pro Full

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PDF-XChange PRO, free and safe download. PDF-XChange PRO latest version: Efficient and Streamlined Software to Create and Edit View full description. PDF-XChange Editor Free Download Latest Version for Windows. Its full offline installer standalone setup of “PDF-XChange Editor Plus” for. PDF-XChange PRO is the ultimate PDF solution. . PDF files with pages from other documents and enjoy complete control over PDF creation properties.

Create Watched Directories to enable the automatic conversion to PDF of MS Office documents moved to specific locations to PDF and much more - see below for an extensive list of available features and functionality. Password protection and permission options are also available.

Specifically the printer drivers are not designed to work in a virtualized environment.

Create and Modify PDF Files With PDF-XChange Pro 2012

Create user profiles determine Ul language, set font and downsampling options, paper settings custom form optlions, optimization compression, resolution and scaling settings. Edit document information - including the options to add XMP Metadata.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP or later, 32 and 64 Bit System. Edit Documents Utilize a broad range of Editing Tools, document enhancing features, navigation panes and page editing options to invigorate your PDF documents. Add Comments and Annotations to Documents Add comments and annotations to documents in a variety of formats including geometric shapes, text boxes, hyperlinks and audio files.

Edit Existing PDF Content Enjoy the ability to edit text-based PDF content, including the options to highlight, strikeout, underline and insert text, permanently remove content with the redaction feature and measure dimensions with the advanced Measurement Tools.

Manipulate Documents Create, print and email documents. Customize Your Experience Utilise an array of preferences to customize your user interface and default options. And Much More Enable Shell Extensions for optimized Windows Explorer navigation. Utilize Autosave and Autorecovery to safeguard documents.

Download a portable version of the software and use it any time, any place. See below for further information and available features. Create Customized Tools Use the diverse Actions Library to create your own toots and meet highy-specific requirements.

Secure PDF Files Use a certiffcate-based digital ID to add and sign signature fields Digital signatures can also be removed unless document security prevents it. Multiple Document Interface Document windows can be split horizontally or vertically to show two views on a PDF in the same tab, to view the whole document and a detail at the same time, or a table of contents and any other page. A spreadsheet split divides it into a grid of four tiles.

Drag to resize the split views on the document. Click the icon to remove splitting.

PDF-XChange Editor Plus

Adobe Reader DC seems to be limited to 50 documents. Closing all took less than 1 second. Adobe Reader DC took about 30 seconds. Exit took 3 seconds.

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There is no Close All command. Drag and drop tabs to change the order on the tab bar. Right-click to show the menu. The context menu on the Document Tabs can be used to close other tabs. To restart with the current open documents next time, change the setting in Preferences, General, Restore last session when application starts. To select another open document using the Editor , click the menu icon to the left of the first tab, and select an open document from the list.

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If you work with a large number of documents this menu may fill the vertical height of the screen, in which case there will be a downward-pointing arrow at the bottom of the menu. Click this to open a cascading menu of further open documents. The keyboard can also be used to navigate between open documents.

Ctrl Tab will switch to the next open document, while Ctrl Shift Tab will switch to the previous open document. Session Management There is a comprehensive session manager on the File menu for saving groups of PDF files as a session. Open a saved session to resume work on a previous session. The most recently saved sessions are detailed at the top of the Sessions list. By default the last used set of documents will be loaded when the application starts up.

Create and Modify PDF Files With PDF-XChange Pro 2012

Compact Interface All of the toolbars can be docked in a single row or expanded to show all of the tools. Each toolbar has an arrow to collapse or expand it. If there is insufficient space to show the text labels, they are hidden. Text labels can also be hidden always via the Customize Toolbars, Options. The screen shot above shows the Ribbon UI toolbar. There is also an option to use the Classic Toolbars.

Customisable Interface Menus and Toolbars can be hidden and shortcuts can be assigned in the Customise Toolbars dialogue. To start customising, right-click on any toolbar and select Customise Toolbars… Uncheck any menus or toolbars that you never use. Add new toolbars if you wish to create your own.

Select the commands tab to edit the shortcuts. Select any command to edit its properties.

Start by assigning a shortcut key such as F12 to the Customise Toolbars command itself, then you can quickly refine your custom setups as you get used to the interface. A warning will be given if a shortcut is already assigned to another command. A popup in the bottom left corner of the document shows the page dimensions on mouse-over.

PDF-XChange Pro

Tabs can be detached from the main window by dragging, or grouped with other tabs. Tabs can be split horizontally or vertically to provide two views of the same document. There are so many ways to rearrange tabs and tab groups, that I have not figured them out yet. Customize UI The main workspace background, the page background, and the dialogue background can be modified.

Choose a sensible size for the dialogue font or your dialogues may grow bigger than the window. Choose patterns and colours for workspace backgrounds, select colours for tabs and toolbars, for highlighted menus and toolbar icons. Active and enabled tools will show the highlight background colour.

The text and window colours change the appearance of dialogues and toolbars. To change the appearance of the document use the Accessibility options and override the document colours.

Fullscreen Mode If you just want to concentrate on reading, enter the fullscreen mode F Even with the toolbars off, you can switch to other documents with Control Tab, and use the Pan and Zoom Window to navigate the current document. Press Escape or F11 to exit from fullscreen mode, or click the button on the popup toolbar at bottom left of the window. Tiling, N-up, and Booklet Printing Large documents can be tiled onto several sheets.

This powerful feature makes it easy to produce posters from the same standard document used for handouts. Click on the image to show all four tiles. N-up printing allows printing of multiple copies on a single sheet. The document will automatically be scaled down to fit 2, 4, 8 or a custom number of copies onto a single sheet. The document can be rotated automatically to use the sheets more efficiently.

Booklet printing will automatically arrange a multi-page A4 portrait document for printing as an A5 booklet on A4 landscape. Set the resolution to 50 dpi or 2, Change the page background colour or make it transparent.

Automatically assign file names to the images with variables. This very powerful feature is available even in the free version of the Editor. Now all I have to do is to remember to update the thumbnail each month. High Resolution Snapshots You can change the default resolution for snapshots from Edit, Preferences, Snapshot Tool, Use Fixed Resolution for snapshot images, to print quality resolutions of or dpi and up to dpi instead of using low screen resolution of 72 or 96 dpi.

Then, whenever you use the snapshot tool a high resolution bitmap is copied to the Windows clipboard. This is useful when you wish to capture fine detail from a PDF file. The same resolution is used when you take a snapshot from the Loupe Window or the Pan and Zoom Window.

The options also allow the snapshot to be greyscale. Either or both options can be disabled. Navigation of Views You can navigate back and forth between different views on the same document. This is very useful for finding your place again after searching for something elsewhere in the document.

Click the middle mouse button to place the scroll anchor anywhere on the page, then drag in any direction. Scrolling long documents is fast and smooth, with excellent control.

On reopening a document, whether from Windows Explorer or from the recent files menu, it reopens at the same place as last time, and at the same zoom level. This is a huge time saver. Customise Recent Files List Favourite files can be pinned to the Recent Files list, and recently opened files can be deleted from the list. Browse with Brave. Learn more.

View full description. CONS Cannot create documents Substandard help Editing features stay enabled unless specifically disabled, which can lead to mistakes. BeforeCloseDoc" and "Notifications. DocClosed" Fixed grammar on resume message when returning from suspend Resolved issue with unicode subject on Send by Email.

Adobe Reader Adobe Reader Microsoft Word Microsoft's latest and greatest, with huge compatibility improvements. Microsoft Office The quintessential productivity suite. Download for Windows. All can compete with the other famous like Adobe or Foxit More reviewed onFebruary 19, Nothing More reviewed onMarch 11, Fast, no lag reviewed onFebruary 23, Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

Don't leave without your download! Download and installation help.Right-click on a bookmark for a full list of options — delete, create, etc. Their transparency for printing can be set in the advanced options. The status submenu records the status of the comments. If you work with PDF then this fully-customizable product will optimize your work process to levels that no other product can achieve. The name can be changed by adding a name under log-in name in Preferences, Identity.

Link Tools The tools allow the user to add rectangles and quadrilaterals to PDF files with links that jump to other pages in the existing document or to an Internet URL. Available in multiple languages.